Ms.Bella B.


Anna is the best!! Very cute place and well decorated always playing awesome music..
They definitely strive and insure you leave happy.. I always have a good exp here..
I most definitely recommend this nail salon…
Plenty of parking in the shopping center or on the street.. love this place..

Charlie F.


It’s really clean and good vibey. A little over priced for the gel pedi. And the extras.. still,  I love it

Keira R.


Best. Mani-Pedi. Ever.

Every time I look at my self-applied manicure, and realize that my hands look like 9-year-old boy hands (a 9-year-old who also happens to be a mechanic), I make an appointment here. After I’m done, I feel like a whole new woman. Not to mention, LONGEST lasting gel manicure of my life…would highly recommend. Great BFF bonding opp as well 🙂

Carina S.


Great nail salon with largest selection of nail color. Got mani/pedi – $35. You can park on the street – 2 hours for free. Definitely will come back.


This is my GO TO spot! There is no better, cleaner place in the neighborhood! Love the ‘all buttered up’ mani and pedi!


I really love Butter Nails. They consistently do an amazing job and I have had many of the girls there do my nails. They are all very nice and best of all CLEAN.

They have a really great color selection, and can do basically anything you want to your nails.

Tips is cash only, so make sure you bring it! If not there is a Chase bank, in walking distance.

Truly love this nail spot!

Sophie T.


I love this salon, partly because I can walk to it from my place. Butter Nails is always clean and all the girls that work there are sweet. They also offer a very comfortable environment and I love that they are always replaying high fashion shows, keeps me busy. Lots of colors, in gel and regular polish.

A bit expensive, but a lot of salons (cheap ones that I used to go to because they were cheap) are getting more expensive, I would rather spend my time and money here. Whenever I want a nice place and a good pedicure and gel manicure, this is my spot!

J W.


I can’t believe I found this place just as I moved out of Hollywood. This salon is so cute and chic and the ladies are very nice. Shirley was so meticulous with my service – even went beyond to trimming my cuticles TWICE! Prices are very fair and they also have beautiful chrome options here! I ended up with the perfect gel mani and have gotten multiple compliments on my nails. Thanks Shirley!!

Wendy B.


I’ve been going to Butter Nails since it opened and I have never had anything short of fantastic service. It’s a dollar or two more expensive from a lot of the nail shops around town but it’s so worth it if you care about the ease and customer care they offer.

Nawel A.

I have been to so many nail “spas” only to be let down not only on price but also the way the staff treats you. This was not the case here, the staff welcomed me even though I was early to my appointment, they had a wide range of colors and products to choose from and my nail tech Amy made my nails perfection.

I will be back for sure!


I go here every time I want to get a manicure/pedicure – the salon is beautiful and the ladies who do my nails are always very professional and friendly! I love going here – also a very nice touch that they have fashion runway shows on the big tv screens and lots of brand new magazines. I’ve been to many nail salons but this is my favorite by far! Recommended!

Jasmine R.


This nail salon is so cute and clean! I felt pampered and relaxed at my visit here. Lynn gave me a relaxing foot massage and clean pedicure. Amy was very detailed and made my full set look pretty and flawless. I will definitely be going back with my girlfriends.

Chiara M.


I must say I had a pretty good experience here. I did legs wax and a mani-pedi (in two different days) and they were very fast and efficient. At first I felt like they were being too fast and I was afraid the results would not be as I expected, but I was actually really surprised, especially with the mani-pedi. They were done in half a hour and the polish was perfect! I could’t use the Yelp Deal with the waxing so I used it for the mani-pedi. No biggie..
I’ll definitely go back!


Great nail salon! Easy parking, clean and cute environment. Walk-In’s don’t have to wait too long. The gels last forever…or atleast until as long as your nails grow out.

I will say that I’m not a fan of the “callus remover” $10 upcharge….but every salon does it (still doesn’t make it right though!)

Most importantly, this place has EXCELLENT customer service. Honesty, the best I’ve experienced at any kind of business in a long time. Management really cares and makes sure that you’re satisfied with your mani/pedi. And they stand behind the quality of their work even days after you’ve left. The manicurists also really care about their work. I did a Chrome manicure here and the girl who did it spent quite a few minutes mixing colors and experimenting to make sure that I got the perfect shade that I was looking for.

I left totally satisfied and will be back again. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Nomi L.

Finally found my go to nail spot. Nail techs are always great and receptionists are helpful and friendly. Ambience is clean and calm even on weekends when it gets pretty packed.

June R.


I love going to Butter Nails! The staff is always friendly and all walk-ins are normally seen within 10 minutes or less. There is always free parking in the lot located at the front of their store. The prices are great and quality of nail services are even greater. I’d recommend this place to anyone.

Been meaning to update my review!

So for my wedding week, all of my girl friends and I wanted to get our nails done together. This is easier said than done. I was trying to think of a place big enough, with enough staff to handle 6 of us at a time.

Then I remembered how efficient the workers at Butter Nails were! Lots of staff, big operation. I knew they could handle the job.

So I booked a “party” reservation for a Thursday at 4pm. All I had to do was give the manager my credit card number for a deposit. They don’t charge you unless your party is a no-show, and that’s because they need to pay the extra workers. We showed up, and they had an entire section of the salon for us! And they let us have champagne!

It was so special having the couple hours with my friends, getting our nails done together and chatting, in our little reserved section together, the week of my wedding. I desperately needed this down-time.

And everyone loved their nails. My pedicure is still going strong a month later.

Thanks Butter Nails for accommodating our party!